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10 Best Free Driver Update Software & Tools For PC

Best Free Driver Update Software For PC. Are you looking for a good free driver updater tool for Windows, if so, you’re on exactly the right page; we enlist the 10 Free Driver Updater Tools & Software For PC Windows.

Drivers are a key part of a computer system, but we often overlook them, which can create several long-term PC performances and slowdown issues. Keeping your drivers up to date with the latest version allows you to get the best performance from your hardware. But it’s true, most of us don’t update drivers unless Windows Update offers them.


10 Best Free Driver Update Software for PC 

  • Driver Booster | # 1 Driver Update Software
  • DriverPack Solution
  • SlimDrivers
  • DriverIdentifier
  • Free Driver Scout
  • Snappy Driver Installer | Update drivers for free
  • DriverMax
  • DriversCloud
  • Driver Easy
  • Device Doctor
  • AMD Driver Autodetect


1. Driver Booster | Best Driver Update Software

It is considered the best software update driver free now. It is compatible with all versions of Windows (7/8/10). Driver Booster is a dedicated third-party performance tool to keep Windows PC drivers up to date. After installing it on your PC, it will analyze all the drivers and indicate which ones need an update. It also notifies you when there are new updates so that you can download them from the program itself without having to go and look for them in your browser.

Before installing a driver, you can compare the new version with the one already installed on your computer, which is very useful. This program allows you to create a restore point in case of problems during installation. It also gives you the ability to configure and install drivers in the background, which hides pop-up messages and installation wizards, which is very useful, so you don’t have to click on as many windows when a new installation. However, here is a detailed review of the IObit driver booster PRO.


2. DriverPack Solution | Top-rated Driver Update Software

This program has a user interface that is much easier to use. It has only a few buttons and no confusing options. It also allows you to perform massive downloads and automated installations, so you don’t have to use the installation wizards.

When you use this DriverPack solution for the first time, you can choose to install and download the drivers automatically or simply select the ones you want to install on your computer. It also contains basic information about the DriverPack Solution system, as well as a software download tool with which you can install the recommended programs on your computer.


3. SlimDrivers

This tool allows you to install, uninstall, and update drivers for your computer quickly and easily. Also, each time it detects a driver that is working in poor condition or with an obsolete version, it searches for a replacement. It offers the possibility of downloading it from the program interface.

If you accidentally delete a device or component, the program will warn you and offer to uninstall the outdated drivers that are still on your computer so that you can free up space and optimize your computer.


4. DriverIdentifier

It is one of the easiest-to-use driver update software, being one of its great advantages. This program takes care of finding and installing the driver you need in your Windows, as well as all the features you may need. You can use it without an Internet connection, which is fine if your network card is not working. Besides, DriverIdentifier saves all drivers in an HTML file.

Then, just open this file on a computer with an Internet connection so that the website can cross-reference the database. The drivers that need updating will have an update link next to them. It has a very simple and comfortable interface, which will not cause you any problems during use. Besides, it is a good option to have absolutely on your computer system to always keep its drivers up to date.


5. Free Driver Scout

Free Driver Scout is another free driver update software that will be of great help to you when updating each driver of your operating system simply and completely. With this application, you will be able to update, uninstall, and detect all of these obsolete drivers that no longer promote system performance to the maximum. This tool also allows you to export all pilots securely.

This software automatically searches for, installs, and updates all of the drivers on your computer and, like the Snappy Driver Installer, creates automatic restore points. It also allows you to detect and remove obsolete, broken, or faulty drivers, which are causing performance issues.


6. Snappy Driver Installer | Update drivers Softwares for free

This is another software to update the drivers for free. It is important to note that, from its operation, it is similar to DriverPack Solution, which we have already mentioned above. It will allow you to download multiple drivers for different types of devices simultaneously. Once downloaded, the program will give you access to the corresponding updates so that you can install them easily with or without an Internet connection.

Snappy Driver Installer does not need to be installed to be used. This means that it can be used as an external hard drive to install and transport the downloaded drivers to any other computer. This program has no ads compared to others and does not limit the download speed either.

It’s the best software to use if you’ve recently formatted your PC or updated your operating system because it can work offline, and you don’t need an internet connection to use it. This software also informs users when a new update is available.


7. DriverMax

This is also another free driver update software for Windows that allows you to update drivers that are already out of date. DriverMax analyzes the driver before installation to ensure its integrity and security. It only allows you to download two drivers per day and ten per month and download one at a time. DriverMax can also backup all the drivers already installed on your computer, as well as restore those that are backed up and cancel those that no longer work.


8. DriversCloud

It is a completely free web service where you can find detailed information about your software and hardware, including any drivers that are already out of date. To do this, you can download a program that allows your browser to collect all the information from your computer.

From the website, you can get categories such as BSOD Analysis, network configuration, and other areas to explore. You will also find the version number, the name, the manufacturer, the date of the INF file, and the identification of each hardware.


9. Driver Easy | Best Driver Update for PC

This is another free program used to check for driver updates in Windows 7/8/10. This tool will allow you to perform an analysis to check for outdated drivers and download the update. These scans can be scheduled weekly, monthly, or whenever your PC is turned on. It also allows you to download the driver from the program without having to use an external browser.


10. Device Doctor

One of the easiest and simplest programs to use. This program scans your computer’s hard drive in detail and checks for new updates to existing drivers. It can locate unidentified drivers, which are not detected by the Windows Device Manager, making it one of the best driver search services.

Device Doctor does not automatically download updates, so you need to download updates outside of the program. Sometimes it is necessary to decompress the driver files before using them.


11. AMD Driver Autodetect

AMD Driver Autodetect analyzes the entire operating system as well as the graphics card of your Windows machine and checks if recent updates are available. The software also allows you to download the official update with one click. The ease of installation and the automatic detection tool are the main features of the AMD Driver Autodetect tool.

Now that you have this range of driver update software options be sure to periodically check your computer to see if any of your drivers need to be updated. The faster you do it, the faster you can update it and protect and boost the performance of your device.



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