5 Best Google Authenticator Alternatives For 2FA Security

Best Google Authenticator Alternatives 2021

Looking for Google two-factor alternates? Look no further, you are in the right place. Here are the best two-factor authentication apps so that you can find an effective alternative to the official Google Authenticator.

Although it is possible to recover the accounts associated with Google Authenticator, doing so can become practically impossible if the QR code or key provided by the app when it is configured is lost. It is for this reason that on certain occasions it is better to use an alternative to avoid headaches in the future.

Best Alternatives to Google Authenticator

When you see this article you will surely ask yourself, why do I want an alternative to Google Authenticator? From here we can tell you that the answer to this question could be very extensive. Similarly, the main reason you should use an alternative is the account recovery system offered by Google Authenticator.

1. Microsoft Authenticator

With a very similar operation to the Google Authenticator, the Microsoft Authenticator App offers you everything you need to be able to further protect your email accounts, social networks, and services in general.

The main feature that sets Microsoft Authenticator apart from the rest of the apps that we show you here is its compatibility with the different services that offer two-factor authentication, as this app is compatible with a huge number of websites.

Advantages of Microsoft Authenticator

  • It is very simple to use.
  • Its interface is clear and all functions are visible.
  • It allows adding a third layer of security through fingerprint, face detection or personal PIN.
  • You do not need to be connected to the Internet to use the app.

Disadvantages of Microsoft Authenticator

  • There are certain occasions when the app fails to sync passwords with the cloud (this is expected to improve in future updates).
  • It can be inconvenient when recovering passwords if you change your mobile device.
  • If the backup password is lost, the account cannot be recovered as all codes are stored locally on the mobile device.

2. Twilio Authy

If you’re looking for a two-step authentication app that is secure, worries about your passwords, and is also simple to use, you should give Twilio Authy a try.

This tool generates secure tokens on your mobile device so that you can access them when you need them. In short, it helps you protect your accounts from hackers by adding an extra layer of security.

Advantages of Twilio Authy

  • It is extremely simple to configure.
  • Make secure backups in the cloud constantly.
  • It allows you to recover all passwords in seconds from any mobile device.
  • It offers a “multi-device” service that allows access to passwords from different mobiles or tablets.
  • Only a two-step authentication app that offers a PC version.
  • You do not need to be connected to the Internet to use the app.

Disadvantages of Twilio Authy

  • The Bitcoins wallet service is not working correctly. There are times when the wallet fails to sync with the cloud.
  • There are times when it does not allow you to delete a service associated with the application. In those cases, you need to contact support.
  • It does not support all the accounts and services that we can find on the Internet, so sometimes it is necessary to use another app to use the double security factor.


Do you want a simple but effective application to add two-step verification to all your accounts? If your answer to this question is “yes”, you should give MYKI a try.

Designed to make this task easy, MYKI has managed to become more than an attractive alternative to Google Authenticator.

In addition, it is the only two-step verification app that does not use passwords, so you will not have to remember absolutely anything to be able to log into your accounts.

MYKI Advantages

  • All codes are saved on your device, this makes it one of the safest two-step verification apps in the world.
  • It works without having to be connected to the Internet.
  • Use biometric technology to confirm your identity (fingerprint detection and facial recognition).
  • Offers multi-device support: you can use multiple mobiles or computers to access your codes.

Disadvantages of MYKI

  • SMS confirmation code usually takes up to 24 hours to be sent.
  • The technical support of the app usually takes up to 1 week to answer questions.
  • The backup system often fails, and recovering passwords can be a headache.

4. FreeOTP Authenticator

If you are looking for a lightweight and simple-to-use alternative to Google Authenticator for your Android mobile, you should consider FreeOTP. This tool will allow you to increase the security of all your accounts in very few steps.

Of course, don’t expect it to have a flashy interface, or to provide 24-hour support, as FreeOTP is an open-source project that delivers what it promises: security and simplicity.

Advantages of FreeOTP

  • It offers maximum security when it comes to 2FA code protection. No one will be able to access these codes if they do not have access to your mobile device.
  • It is compatible with most of the services that can be found on the Internet (more than 3000).
  • You do not need to be connected to the Internet to access the codes.

Disadvantages of FreeOTP

  • It does not offer any type of backup system. If you lose your mobile, or the password to access the app, you will lose access to your accounts.
  • This app does not allow you to use several devices at the same time, it only lets you activate one device at the same time.
  • It does not have a dark theme, so its interface can be annoying for the eyes.

5. 2FA Authenticator

Is there a two-step authentication application that supports all the services on the Internet? Yes, it exists and it is called 2FA Authenticator.

This is the only alternative to Google Authenticator that does not have compatibility problems, as it not only allows you to use the QR code to add accounts but also offers a “manual registration” system with which you can add a service using a code.

In summary, it is a simple, effective, and very light tool, so you do not need to use an Android mobile device with many resources to be able to use this application.

Advantages of 2FA Authenticator

  • It works great, with almost no problems when using the two-step verification codes.
  • The data recovery system is effective and simple it is almost impossible to lose the accounts associated with the application.
  • It is one of the safest applications in the Google Play Store.

Disadvantages of 2FA Authenticator

  • It does not allow extracting the seed of the app, that is, the code must be copied manually to be able to log in to the services that are attached.
  • Only supports codes up to 6 digits.
  • Only compatible with mobile devices. It does not offer a version for computers.
  • It is necessary to have Android 6.0 or higher to download, install, and use it, this leaves out many people who still use an old device.

How to Choose the Best Authenticator

Although it is true that “each case is a world”, there is a specific application that I use, and which has never failed me when connecting my email accounts, social networks, and others. The app in question is Twilio Authy, an authenticator that works for me without problems today.

Those of us who choose Authy can say that we are more than satisfied. Even when we needed to change mobile phones, we had no problem accessing our accounts again, since all the authentication codes were there.

In addition, being able to copy the access codes from the computer is something incredible, it is not necessary to have to be all day with the phone next to you to be able to log into the adhered services.

On the other hand, if you came here looking for alternatives to Google Authenticator because you don’t know how to configure or use it, we recommend that you look at this article where we explain step by step how to configure the Google Authenticator.

Although these alternatives, in certain cases, are better than Google Authenticator, it is not necessary to change the authenticator if the problem has to do with the usability of the same.

With nothing more to add in this regard, in case you encounter problems using these applications, we recommend that you leave us a message so that we can help you.


From now on, it is important to clarify the alternatives to Google Authenticator that we show you here are free, so you should not hesitate a second to download, try them, and see which is the one that best suits your needs.

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