17 Best Torrent Sites For Safe and Free Downloading

Best Torrent Sites

The recent escalation of legal action against torrent sites has required a constant refresh of top torrent lists. Legal closed sites are updating their addresses every day by creating their own proxy networks.

In addition, blocking torrent sites has further increased the demand for VPN services. Regular users of the BitTorrent network remember very well how the best torrent site, KickAss, was suddenly shut down.

One of the reasons for the increasing popularity of torrent sites is that streaming packages such as Netflix and Amazon Prime are becoming increasingly common. Instead of paying and watching, it has been adopted around the world to download and watch it for free on torrent sites.

The torrent sites that provide free access not only to movies but also to thousands of categories such as programs, games, magazines, and books will continue to serve thousands of people.

Best Torrent Sites

What are the most popular torrent sites? Continuing a longstanding tradition, we see The Pirate Bay firmly ahead. There are also some new names on this year’s top list, as several torrent sites have recently left the scene.

1. The Pirate Bay

Over the years, The Pirate Bay has been ranked as one of the Best Torrent Sites to download Movies, Games, Software, Applications, and much more.

No list will ever be complete without posting The Pirate Bay site, which is a senior veteran. It is one of the oldest and most famous torrent sites for torrenting.

The site currently hosts hundreds of thousands of torrent files from all types of categories such as games, movies, music, and more.

However, it is also useful to check the download numbers to make reliable downloads. Because many of them have viruses. You do not want malicious programs to be installed on your system.

It is also a reliable torrent site that can offer exceptional download speeds thanks to its fast seed and peer find rates.

However, Pirate Bay is blocked in many regions around the world, making it almost impossible to access without a VPN.

2. YTS.mx

The YTS.mx torrent site is especially popular with movie lovers. This torrent site has been moved to a new domain with a lower Alexa rank.

There is only one point to be aware of. This website has no affiliation with the YTS / YIFY group, whose functions were closed a few years ago.

In general, torrent sites’ home pages list the most popular links, while the YTS homepage has only one search page.

The fact that the home page is this way brings about a different competition with torrent sites with similar content.

3. Torrentz2

If the name Torrentz2 sounds familiar, it’s because it is the current successor of the Torrentz site.

Due to the official site shutting down a few years ago, Torrentz2 successfully meets the needs of torrents.

Even if the site does not have a torrent file on its own, it offers the opportunity to index over 60 million torrent files from hundreds of different torrent sites.

It provides many torrent files in a directory to help you find out if any of the games, music, or movies are available.

Unlike other sites, Torrentz2 has a lot of peer-to-peer indexed files as well as almost no viruses, helping the site have a pretty clean track record in this regard.

4. LimeTorrents

Although we stated that The Pirate Bay is a large torrent repository in the first place, this repository cannot be compared with LimeTorrents’ repository.

While LimeTorrents is not a tracker site, it has around 10 million active torrents, with the largest collection of torrents ever seen.

In addition to having a large torrent network, this site offers very fast downloads. This is also perfect for downloading music, games, movies, and anything else you want.

The only problem with this site is that some old torrents don’t have good seeds and peers.

5. Rarbg.to

The lack of a very modern appearance has caused negative attributes for some users. However, it cannot be said to have an important meaning for the website because it provides healthier torrent files with quality and fast leecher.

However, users should be ready to see many ad tabs while clicking links on the Rarbg site.

Even with a slight drop in Alexa rank, Rarbg is still one of the best torrent sites on the internet.

Movies, music, software, games, etc. Unlike the normal torrent download categories, Rarbg also has a separate web page that contains trailers of movies and shows.

Generally speaking, people may not visit a torrent site to watch their trailers. But still, it can help some.

6. Zooqle

It is a relatively new name in the BitTorrent system. However, when it comes to the graph of success, it rises very quickly.

The biggest reason for this increase is that there are thousands of torrents in the databases.

The low number of advertisements compared to other sites makes the use of the site very effective. Content on Zooqle is mainly series and movie torrents.

But other torrent sites, in addition to these categories, for different device platforms, such as software, games, etc. It also hosts torrents such as.

Zooqle, which has many sub-categories, makes the choice much easier even for those who occasionally use it. The website is programmed to index over 3 million verified torrents.

7. TorrentDownloads

Although not as much as other torrent sites, TorrentDownloads has a fairly large torrent database.

The site offers more than 16 million torrent files from categories such as music, TV shows, movies, games, software, anime, and much more.

The great feature of this site is that it is still accessible in almost every country.

8. Torrents.me

The Torrents.me site generally helps index data from other torrent sites as if searching from a search engine.

But before you start comparing it with Torrentz2, it’s important to know that the website is more than just a torrent search engine.

In fact, Torrents.me collects data from other sites that search for torrents.Torrents.html lists a large number of torrent sites, and categorizes them into different categories to meet Site torrent requirements.

For example, users can easily find the best torrent sites for movies by visiting the relevant category page.

Since it is a torrent search engine, you can find results on top torrent sites like Books, Sports, Apps, etc. lists in different categories.

9. TorLock.com

In addition to the Zooqle site, it is one of the limited torrent sites with the “.com” extension.

The operators of the site probably got this name to make the TorLock site easier to share and to be compared to the best torrent sites available.

The increasingly popular torrent site hosts various categories of torrents and protects the user accounts of visitors who frequently use torrents.

Visually, TorLock may not look the best you can find. However, it definitely has a speed over many other torrent sites like Pirate Bay, RARABG, LimeTorrents, etc.

The good thing about TorLock is that it hosts verified torrents. That’s why it’s one of the best torrent sites. You can detect verified torrents by seeing the orange checkmark.

10. 1337x.to

1337x is a torrent site that is aware of design in terms of visuality. Everything from the home page to the index page is neatly placed and home to a beautiful design.

The torrent site, which has become more and more popular lately, hosts torrents in different categories.

It also lists the most popular torrents of the day and week in the Trending section.

Considered among the best torrent sites, 1337x provides high-quality torrents with different torrent categories.

11. EZTV

Since the last few years, the EZTV.ag domain has managed to stay below the top 1000 websites on Alexa.

You have probably noticed that it has become increasingly difficult to find up-to-date torrents on KickAss Torrents and other top torrent sites lately. EZTV leaves this behind and continues to broadcast the most recent.

EZTV has become a site that has become increasingly popular on the internet to download the best quality TV series torrents.

However, there is only one category where you can find TV shows. The torrent site hosts a basic view with torrent links and torrents specified in table form. It also allows visitors to create user accounts where they can save torrents as favorites.

12. Pirateiro

Pirateiro is a torrent site that has recently grown more popular in Central Asia. Pirateiro, which has a very simple appearance in its interface, contains up-to-date torrent tags on its homepage.

The difference between the site from others is that it provides trailers on the latest released movie torrents. The site, which can be used actively, contains mostly up-to-date movies.

13. Torrent Galaxy

Unlike other torrent sites on this list, it has a nice minimalist design where you will see just about everything on a single homepage.

The categories on the site vary according to resolution, platform, and size.

As a fast-loading torrent site of recent times, Torrent Galaxy is the most visual on this list. When you hover over the names on the torrent table, the covers of the torrents are displayed as thumbnails.

To summarize, a good torrent database, good search features, and a clean website design mean you can use Torrent Galaxy.

14. Seedpeer

As a fast-rising torrent site of recent times, Speedpeer has a search engine that opens directly like other torrent sites. But unlike them, there is a nicely ranked list of categories.

When it comes to torrents, it has basic features that show the size, update time, seeds, and download value. When you sort by the section that is Health, it means that you can download the green ones directly quickly.

There is a large database of torrents. It is one of the torrent sites expected to be more and more popular. It is not overly developed but it is a useful torrent site.

15. Pirateiro

In addition to providing content in English in general, Pirateiro contains various torrents, including current and old files. The words at the top of the home page show popular searches.

It also has a simple interface. Thanks to the regularly updated databases, the seeds of all downloads are quite high. The user interface is extremely simple. When you type the words you want to search in the Search section, you can see all the suggestions.

16. Torrent Downloads

Torrent Downloads, founded in 2007, is one of the largest databases of torrent search engines. It is not very popular in our country.

However, it contains many torrents from TV series to games, movies to programs.

In recent studies, it has been revealed that it has approximately more than 16 million torrents.

Moreover, it offers download speeds of up to 1.8 MB per second. It has a simple interface. You can find popular torrents and general categories on the homepage.

17. YourBittorrent

It is probably one of the least popular torrent sites on our list. YourBittorrent has a controversial history.

Although it was established in 2009, it started its operations in 2003 by cooperating between the two partners.

However, over time, the differences were experienced and it was brought to its present state. It has an extremely simple interface.

There are also category contents that will allow you to see which category each torrent belongs to.

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