How Smartphone Display Can be Harmful to Human Vision

How Smartphone Display Can be Harmful to Human Vision

Is the Smartphone Display Harmful to Human Vision or Eyesight?

Well technically speaking Smartphone Display can be very harmful to human vision under some circumstances. We all know that excessive use of a smartphone is detrimental to eyesight, and smartphone displays are used to blame for this in the first place. Now it has become known what exactly you should pay attention to.

Effects of Smartphone Screen on Human Vision 

First of all, it should be understood that different types of displays affect human vision in different ways. The most popular at the moment in smartphones are OLED / AMOLED displays, and they are more tiring for the eyes due to the use of pulse-width modulation to adjust the volume.

Although you may not notice it, the display flickers regularly, updating the image. In order to see this flicker, you should point the camera at another smartphone whose display brightness is reduced to a minimum.

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Keep in mind that the main thing is not to look at your smartphone for a long period of time at low or low brightness. It is best to view the content on your smartphone with the ambient light on both day and night because of the higher the brightness of the display, the load on your eyes decreases.

It is also important to turn off the devices an hour, and ideally a few hours before bedtime because this reduces the impact on the eyes of blue light, which interferes with adequate sleep. Modern smartphone displays often have protection modes and blue light filters, but they do not significantly change the situation, so it is better to abandon the devices at bedtime.

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