How to Breed Strombonin in My Singing Monsters

How to Breed Strombonin in My Singing Monsters

The Strombonin is the most enigmatic species of the Mythical Class, boasting an accelerated breeding time of 17 hours and 15 minutes. Discover its breeding combinations and preferred habitats on several islands.

How to Breed Strombonin

Strombonin Breeding Combinations:

Find the best breeding combinations for Strombonin in My Singing Monsters, ensuring a smooth transition from the best to the least favorable.

Cold Island: Bowgart & Spunge

On Cold Island, you’ll engage in a breeding adventure with Bowgart and Spunge.

Cataliszt and Strombonin: Mythical Islands

Combined with Strombonin and Cataliszt, Mythical Island captures the mystical essence of mythical islands.

Strombonin Mythical Marvel

Discover Strombonin’s compelling statistics and iconic features that set it apart from other monsters.

  • Available Beds: 1
  • Cost: 225 diamonds
  • Cost (Mythical Island): 500 diamonds
  • Sells For: 168,750 coins
  • XP Gain: 110,000 XP

Monster’s Preferences: Likes and Mysteries

Create a harmonious environment for Strombonin’s growth by discovering its peculiar tastes and preferences.

  • Spunge (Cold Island)
  • Cataliszt (Mythical Island)
  • Kab’s Wax
  • Shrini
  • Mystery Likes: Cave Crystal Teleporter

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How Strombonin’s Habitat Is Unique

The My Singing Monsters Community collaborated with Strombonin on this meticulously designed game.

Mythical Island – A Drifter on Ice Floes

Strombonin, unlike its fiery counterpart, thrives in the icy expanses of Cold Island, accompanied only by the cold-weather snail, Strombone. Its musical tongue adds an ethereal touch to Strombonin’s stoic demeanor.

From Cold to Mythical Islands

Discover the mysticism of Mythical Island and the chilling Cold Island where Strombonin finds its place.

Costumes: Peppermint Swirl – Festival Fun

Adding a touch of flair to Strombonin’s Mythical presence is the Peppermint Swirl costume.


The Strombonin Mythical Monster epitomizes the compelling world of My Singing Monsters. Explore its habitats, unlock its mysteries and embark upon a breeding journey unlike any other.

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