How to Breed Tweedle in My Singing Monsters

How to Breed Tweedle in My Singing Monsters

Discover the secrets to breeding the whimsical Tweedle in My Singing Monsters. Discover the optimal combination for Common, Rare, and Epic Tweedles.

How to Breed Tweedle

Find out how to breed a flighty monster known for spreading gossip, the Common Tweedle.

Breeding Method:

It is impossible to breed the Common Tweedle using a specific combination because it is a Single Elemental in nature. When players reach level 4, they can purchase a Tweedle for 300 coins. A failed breeding may still result in a Tweedle, except with another Natural Single Elemental monster.

Breeding Time:

The breeding time of a common Tweedle is four hours, while the time for enhanced versions is only three hours. The bed size required is 2 x 2.

Rare Tweedle

Your monster collection will acquire a touch of rarity when you discover breeding combinations for the elusive Rare Tweedle.

Breeding Combinations:

  • Cold Island: Spunge + Thumpies
  • Air Island: Congle + Pompom
  • Water Island: Spunge + Reedling
  • Earth Island: Thumpies + Reedling
  • Fire Haven: Reedling + Barrb
  • Fire Oasis: Congle + Woolabee

Breeding Time:

It requires a 2 by 2 bed like the Common Tweedle, and the breed takes 6 hours for the Rare Tweedle but 4 and a half hours for enhanced versions.

Epic Tweedle

The addition of the epic Tweedle will enrich your musical ensemble.

Breeding Combinations:

  • Cold Island: Deedge + Dandigoo
  • Air Island: Riff + Cybop
  • Water Island: Shellbeat + Quibble
  • Earth Island: Quarrister + Pango
  • Fire Haven: Tring + Shrubb
  • Fire Oasis: Sneyser + Maw

Breeding Time:

During special events, Epic Tweedles breed according to Epic monster rules, lasting 4 and a half hours. Notably, Epic Tweedles can’t reproduce.

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Exploring the Tweedle: Insights and Characteristics

Find out what makes Tweedles unique and what makes them sing. Learn about their single-element nature.

Earning Rate and Happiness:

As Tweedles level up, their earning rate increases, ranging from 2 to 4 coins per minute based on their happiness. Placing Tweedles near monsters like Cybop, Bogwart, or Wynq enhances their happiness and boosts their income.


Bringing you the best of Tweedles in all forms, this My Singing Monsters Breeding Guide empowers you to breed them at different rarities and enjoy their captivating tunes.

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