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10 Best Gothic Perfumes For Women 2023

Best Gothic Perfumes 2023

We coincidentally wanted to touch on this significant article because we want to talk to you about The 10 Best Gothic Perfumes for Women. With the arrival of the twentieth century, a series of influences began to be noticed in the fashion world, where everything was not as candid as when it began. On the other hand, it was sought to make more and more stock of certain aesthetics a little dark.

It has been a wide selection in which we have had the opportunity to choose perfumes that have marked a before and after that will bring out your most mysterious and sexy side.

It would help if you did not stop exploring all these long-lasting aesthetics that have been set on fire for their striking olfactory presence. Be it black or deep blue, the gothic’s aura has come to stay for many years.


10 Best Gothic Perfumes & Colognes For Her 2023


1. Poison by Christian Dior EDP For Women

You cannot open a list of the best gothic fragrances without mentioning Poison by Christian Dior. This scent belonged to the Oriental Floral olfactory family for Women and was launched in 1985, opening the market for this type of perfume so sophisticated as dark.

Poison by Christian Dior

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This perfume’s notes are hefty in all their splendor since they were chosen from intense forests. Among these, we have, for example, the African orange blossom, Virginia cedar, vetiver, cinnamon, tuberose, incense, carnation, anise, and also sandalwood. A clear European influence can be noticed in this perfume because the plum is too felt in its aroma.

At the same time, we have to mention that this perfume has long-lasting longevity and a moderate trial. We must mention that it is perfectly attached to any summer day, even more so if it is at night and in the clear company of a holiday.


2. Jasmin Noir by Bvlgari EDP Spray for Her

One of the aromas that best define the noir’s aesthetics, the dark and the mysterious, is the Jasmin Noir by Bvlgari. This perfume belonged to the Oriental Floral olfactory family for Women and was launched in 2008. On the other hand, this perfume has a lot of presence and does not hide from anyone.

Jasmin Noir by Bvlgari

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To speak of Jasmin Noir is to do so with a fragrance that certainly explores many dark paths because the notes are patchouli, musk, precious woods, tonka bean, samba jasmine, and green notes. This perfume can feel like a perfume with mystical touches since it is neither hot nor cold, and where the flowers make a long presence.

This is the best option if you want to make a perfume that brings together excellent weather elements and nights since it impacts its elemental temperature. Its longevity is already moderate, while its trail is soft, with nothing resembling its aroma.


3. Black Cashmere by Donna Karan EDP Spray For Ladies

There are a series of perfumes that win the hearts of those who use them because they manage to go beyond the borders of their aromas. Donna Karan’s Black Cashmere is one of these because it manages to combine its Oriental Floral for Women olfactory family with notes, even sweets. It was released in 2002.

Black Cashmere by Donna Karan

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The perfume we are talking about contains notes of patchouli, vanilla, woody elements, nutmeg, carnation, and rose that invite to make you feel like a delicate woman but hide many elements, such as a strong personality for those who do not know her. Its sweet touches make this perfume also one dedicated to love experiences, although not as much as it should.

This perfume is incorporated with a wonderful quota of gothic elements to shine in a time like winter, and its longevity is long-lasting, while its trail is heavy.


4. Grand Amour by Annick Goutal EDP Spray For Her

Not everything in the Gothic has to be heavy and away from love scenes because perfumes like Annick Goutal’s Grand Amour are perfect examples of how well you can mix a little love with the dark. This aroma which was born in 1996, belongs to the Floral Green olfactory family for Women.

Grand Amour by Annick Goutal

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The Grand Amour is a perfume with intense notes, among which we can mention vanilla, musk, myrrh, amber, Turkish rose, leather, Indian mimosa, and honeysuckle. We are then talking about a perfume that certainly distances itself from the others by being fresh. It also has certain sweet compasses so that the fragrance is very comfortable.

The Grand Amour is one of the best fragrances for spring because it gathers all the love possible for you to wear with its moderate longevity and heavy trail. It is a scent that is certainly not afraid to get together with the most precious thing in life: loving your style so hard.


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5. Tom Ford Black Orchid Eau De Parfum For Women

Of the most classic fragrances in perfumery, especially for gothic tastes, we have to mention Tom Ford’s Black Orchid, a fragrance released in 2006 that belongs to the Oriental Floral olfactory family for women.

Tom Ford Black Orchid

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This Black Orchid is a gem that deserves to be discovered by you and has notes of amber, sandalwood, vetiver, white musk, lotus flower, gardenia, Mexican chocolate, and ylang-ylang. We can mention that this Black Orchid is full of tropical aroma, but they give the chocolate space to add its bitter and sweet touch to all this.

We cannot fail to mention that its aroma extends with fairly long-lasting longevity and a similar trail and is heavy at all costs. Ideal for you to use in a time like autumn. Remember that this perfume is very casual and never leaves you in quick moments like the day.


6. Ange ou Demon by Givenchy Eau De Parfum For Her

With this perfume that we have to analyze and, of course, to speak in review mode, an excellent combination is achieved between what is heavy and dark and what is white and pure. This perfume is Ange ou Demon by Givenchy, which is part of the Oriental Floral olfactory family for Women and was launched in 2006.

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One of the things they like the most about a perfume like this is that it certainly has half strength and half love. Its notes are Brazilian rose, oakmoss, ylang-ylang, saffron, mandarin orange, and thyme. With all these notes on top, it is unsurprising that it is a potent aroma and is soft in certain perfume phases. You can see a perfect mix between citrus as well as floral.

Like all gothic perfumes, it has a very marked time to use, and for this reason, this scent is summer, which is when it best defines its wild side and allows you to relax. Do not forget that its longevity is moderate, and its trail is the same.


7. Black XS for Her by Paco Rabanne EDP Spray For Ladies

Being a gothic girl also requires a clear and defined profile, which is why the Black XS for Her by Paco Rabanne is one of the best Gothic cologne for her. It belonged to the Floral Musk for Women olfactory family and was launched in 2007.

Black XS for Her by Paco Rabanne

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Above all, this perfume has a very cosmopolitan way because it is modern in all its splendor, and it is also feminine. Thus it stands out from many other gothic perfumes in this sense. Its notes are vanilla, patchouli, Masseria wood, tamarind, blueberry, pink pepper, and cocoa. The aroma is between bitter and very floral, resembling what a forest gives off.

With the Black XS For Her, you can also find a fragrance designed to make you feel very feminine and elegant, with lasting longevity and moderate wake.


8. Memoir Woman by Amouage EDP Spray for Her

For all the girls who have been goth for a while, we have a perfume that breaks many paradigms and invites you to feel like a girl of this trend for life. This is the case of Memoir Woman by Amouage, a fragrance that belongs to the Cyprus olfactory family for women. It should be noted that it was launched around 2010.

Memoir Woman by Amouage

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With this perfume’s aroma, it is easy to get lost and feel eternal. Because it has a series of notes such as pink pepper, oakmoss, musk, incense, cloves, woody elements, and cardamom. This combination is perfect, especially for girls who love scents similar to grass but also aromatic, becoming an exceptional perfume thanks to the intensity it prints.

If you want to know what season is best for this perfume, we recommend that it be the best option in winter. Besides that, it is a bit dry, and its longevity is long-lasting, while its trail is slightly heavy.


9. Encre Noire by Lalique

One of the strangest perfumes in the wide range of gothic perfumes for women is Encre Noire by Lalique, a dark fragrance from start to finish that shows that something extreme can be achieved, but that all of these are like such special girls. The fragrance belonged to the Woody Aromatic olfactory family for Women and was launched in 2006.

Encre Noire by Lalique

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With the aroma of this perfume, many things can be achieved because, first of all, it can be quite powerful in presence thanks to its woody notes of cashmere and musk. Second, its aroma can also be fresh due to the presence of the vetiver note.

So you can dare with its combination of strong and refreshing that is wonderful for the summer. The Encre Noire rather acquires a good presence in terms of its longevity since it is very durable and its trail is cumbersome, a very particular fragrance.


10. Midnight Poison by Dior

Closing with a flourish is one of the great ways to talk about Midnight Poison. In this case, we have to recommend Midnight Poison by Dior, a perfume that belongs to the Woody Cyprus olfactory family for Women and was launched in 2007.

Midnight Poison by Dior

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This perfume’s aroma is spectacular for those who love mystery, the hot, and even the sensual. Because it has notes of patchouli, amber, vanilla, bergamot, mandarin, and also rose. So we are in a powerful fragrance full of surprises, such as citrus combined with warm and floral touches.

This cluster of sensations makes Midnight Poison a perfect perfume, especially for feeling alive at any time of the day. So you have a special fragrance for spring days; its longevity is moderate, while its trail is cumbersome.


Final Words

These 10 Best Gothic Perfumes for Women are perfect fragrances to define moments; however, these scents define sensuality & are exceptional aromas for mixing the dark with any feminine style. We recommend you use these fragrances at any time of the year and never let go of your gothic style.


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